Manufacture Copenhagen bridges the gap between innovation research and market adoptation in order to create value-driven change in the fashion industry. The 3 power houses in this constellation are Innovation, Education and Engagement: all interconnected within the eco-system that Manufacture Cph is. 







▪️What do you do as a strategic process facilitator when your available tools and blueprints don’t work because you are shaping / engineering new systems?
▪️ What is the role of the facilitator when you don’t have a map but a compass instead and every participant has a piece of a map that is at the same time non-existent without the other pieces?
▪️In short: What if the system is completely holistic without specific ownership or space for linear ways of process building?
▪️That was in short the challenge for this session in Copenhagen. It resulted in strong co-creation between the participants. We all had to let go of ego and embrace fear. Because it’s quite scary to not know what your specific outcome will be. Especially when you’re used to straight forward business modelling. How to create a revenue model for an entire eco-system where fashion industry stakeholders and consumers interact? Well, we managed 🤓💪 So, needless to say I guess that this was a very exciting learning experience