En route vers l’économie circulaire
The Circular Economy (CE) is enjoying growing interest. On March 10 and March 11, 2016, a state visit took place of the Dutch King to France. This economic mission consisted of several delegations; one of these delegations was themed ‘Circular Economy’. To support this theme a publication was made of 28 Dutch authors who contributed with a total of 30 columns on the circular economy. Their work is published in Dutch and in French and included in this publication. This creates a nice bilingual booklet of more than 250 pages. The result was very inspiring and contributes to relevant discussions about a different economy, sustainability and transition.
Together with Bas Luiting (, a trainer in applied circular business models, we contributed to the book with our vision on the circular economy. Special thanks go to Eric Wuestman who helped us with this publication.

You can order the book here.

Nieuwe Businessmodellen en Nieuwe Economie
New business models and new economy was published for the Hague University with lead editor Gertrud Blauwhof. After giving a teacher training on circular economy in the fashion industry the narrative of the training was published in this book.

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