The future of fashion is clean, smart & value-based

We help you create strategies that make your fashion business future proof. As freelancers we add commercial and innovative value for your company or organisation through concept development, trend research, project based work or straight forward business modelling – in a flexible, boosting and entrepreneurial way. 

Branding & business strategies

Project management

Workshops & Seminars

Branding & Business Strategies

Your brand should play a leading role in the community it aims to attract.

Aim to attract

Through an intensive branding strategy trajectory we identify the market opportunities for the positioning of your brand, and the visual language for your brand mission.
With a trusted team of freelance creatives and experts in the sustainable fashion sector we operate on the crossroad of sustainability, technology and engagement.

Project management

The world doesn’t change overnight and you’ll never manage alone.

Take action

Multistakeholder projects demand a common language and mission-based ground in order to succeed. It’s our strength to create a structural overview, highlight pressure points, manage change processes and team sessions and to create a comprehensive action plan for all stakeholders involved.

With a background in intercultural communication studies and work experience we are prepared to take on international projects as well.

Workshops & Seminars

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.”

Raise awareness

We create stories to raise awareness about the side effects of global clothing production for professionals, marketeers, teachers, students and larger enterprises. Focus areas are ‘new business models in fashion production, retail and consumer engagement’ ‘circular economy’ & ‘fashion and the tech revolution’.